We're online!

Akwaaba! Welcome to our official page.

We have been busy working on this project for the last months.

The vision excists since a long time and now we're very proud to say:


AFROPEAN VIBRATION has come to life!


Our dreams of taking action in uniting our world a little more have shaped themselves by meeting our passion in Fashion.

We found that by using our skills and talents, we are able to let our imaginatin become reality. The world is a beautiful place, full of inspiration and great moments. This is what we want to share with you. 


Our page is an ode to life and creation!

You are warmly invited to let your soul fly higher as you browse through our stories on THE BLOG, find inspiration in our PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTWORK or look for a new piece in our latest FASHION COLLECTION.

We will update this page regularly and show you more ABOUT our live, our project and more about Africa & Europe.


Thanks for taking your time and enjoying the colourful side of life with us. 

Peace & Love

from your Afropean Vibration Team


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Handmade and sustainable fashion design. Afrocentric entertainment & events for an intercultural lifestyle.


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Wir freuen uns über Anfragen zu Artikeln, Dokumentationen, Interviews, Podcats u.A. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach über das Kontaktformular oder schreiben Sie uns eine Mail an hey@afropean-vibration.com.